How do I get paid?

1) Visit our OFFERS page. We have lots of offers available for members from all over the world!

2) Click on an offer to view it and complete if you wish. The instructions for the offer will be shown as well in the bottom all the times to make it easier for you.
(Please note on the very first time of your participation you will be asked to enter your payment details, only once, and then it will be saved and you won't need to enter it again.)

3) Once you completed an offer either close the window or scroll to the next offer.

4) You will be asked if you wish to submit a request for the offer, answer YES to submit a request.

5) You will see if your offer is approved (we automatically check this 3 time an hour!)

6) You can cashout once you've reached $0.50 (or $1.00 for certain users) and once you cash-out you will be paid within 24-48 hours, it's that easy!

NETWORK allows our members to earn cash by watching videos, signing up for free offers, clicking sponsor links, completing surveys and more Minimum payout is only $5.00 and payments via